Square That Up Please?

Max Power here with my new blog. Ever notice someone saying something then behaving in a 180 degree fashion? Often within a very short timeframe! I find this type of inconsistency occurs so often nowadays that it’s becoming more the norm than the exception…just watch cable news. The intent here is to square up some conversations, add a few personal insights to the various playing fields, and have a few laughs. Input and feedback is welcome and encouraged. No vitriol, if that’s your wheelhouse move on please.

I believe consistency is the core of integrity. The stock market has been an incredible mentor in making sure my ideas were well thought out and squared up. Anything less was hazardous to my wealth. From those lessons I was able to assign a similar process and sequence to other areas of my life. I noticed a distinct uptick in my ability to survey playing fields with increased clarity and make more effective decisions.

As I mentioned I have noticed others not squaring up their actions and conversations on a fairly regular basis. Often it was someone trying to cover up something akin to the painters with the smokestack while other times I realized the person was truly unaware of the inconsistency. I’m not trying to play gotcha (well sometimes), but point out contradictions and bring others into the conversation to illuminate the particular playing field.

Granted serial offenders and the terminally intransigent will probably evoke a more strident rebuke. Fine.The bottom line of most observations will be to enlighten, entertain and include. Brevity is a key component with five to seven minute reads being the norm.

Politics will obviously be fodder as there is no bigger playing field of inconsistencies (diplomatic for hypocrisy). I am not a registered Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or Independent. I consider myself an extreme unfettered. The lack of affiliation gives me an advantage over most as I do not have to defend a party line, giving me a more unobstructed view of the playing field.

If you are someone comfortable having your premise challenged and expanding your view of playing fields you will enjoy this blog. If you are someone who likes expanding your view of the playing field when it serves your stance you’ll probably enjoy this blog about half the time. If you are someone who doesn’t like expanding your view of the playing field…well I don’t know what to tell you. Just please don’t leave comments.

From  Baghdad Bob to Jim and Tammy Faye we are looking for you, so square yourself up!

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