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The intent is twofold. First to convey my current take on the financial markets (short to intermediate term mainly) with a concise, easy to read, and enlightening delivery. My strength is anticipating what the market will do in the next few days-weeks. Don’t want you to spend a half hour each time, 5-7 minutes is usually all you need. I am a master of the links (not golf unfortunately) in providing supporting evidence to my conclusions. So if you choose to wander further down the bigger picture rabbit hole, I lead you to that info is available as well.

Second is to provide timely swing trade ideas that subscribers can profit from. I have developed a technically oriented strategy designed to determine general market direction. Within that I attempt to pinpoint low risk entry points for selected stocks and leveraged ETF’s. The Track Record has been solid and worth reviewing.

If you are looking for a guru who is above the fray I am not him. A strength I possess is the ability to easily confess I am wrong. The market taught me the quicker I admit my mistake the quicker the relevant info reveals itself. With clues from the financial markets morphing regularly, humility helps keep my learning curve moving up and to the right. It also is an important component in keeping losses to a minimum.

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Here are the basic tenets core to my trading strategy:

1. Well placed entry points are usually the most critical aspect of a trade
2. It is okay to be wrong, it is not okay to stay wrong
3. Not making a trade is a decision and often a good one
4. Don’t lose money

I also write a blog about society and culture titled “Square That Up Please?” There are quite a few high profile folks who sometimes have a challenge in keeping their conversations and actions consistent. I use this space to point that out and attempt to square up the playing field. It’s just a bunch of rants really.

Again this is a Beta Test site so your feedback/input is welcome and requested. Don’t be shy, but don’t be a jerk. You know who you are.

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